Checks and Certifications

Each box has a back label issued with the logo of the Regulatory Council of the Mollar Pomegranate from Elche and European Protected Designation of Origin with a control number which guarantees the product traceability.

This seal assures consumers that it is a quality product that is linked to a particular geographic area and is subject to many more controls and requirements as any other pomegranate.

In this regard, to ensure that the Mollar Pomegranate from Elche reach the consumer in optimal conditions, field and warehouses visits are performed to verify that the pomegranate is collected, handled, selected, packaged and labelled under the conditions set by the Regulatory Council.

Regulatory Council Regulation

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Specification of the Regulatory Council

You can find the requirements to be met by the Mollar Pomegranates from Elche for Protected Designation of Origin to be certified.

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