Pomegranates from Elche

map Screenshot The Elche District (known as Campo de Elche) with neighbouring Crevillent and Albatera is Europe’s pomegranate land. For over one thousand years one of the best and most valued pomegranates in the world has grown in our lands. According to recent research the Tender “Mollar” Elche Variety, an endemic local pomegranate tree, produces pomegranates of high antioxidant content.

GranadaThe farming of Elche Tender “Mollar” Pomegranate has been exported to a great number of countries throughout the world but it is only here, in Alicante’s southern lands, that it achieves full plenitude with a production of approximately 40,000 tonnes per year. Farming can vary from September to December and after handling fruit is placed in the market in only a few days depending on location.

ManosOur privileged climate and fertile soils makes our land unique for Elche Tender “Mollar” Pomegranates. We are next to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, which confers our pomegranates, a distinctive sweetness and colour ranging from cream to deep red, with a total lack of seed. Nutritional values for the Elche Tender “Mollar” Pomegranate

One of the healthiest fruits

Scientific studies have shown that the consumption of Pommegranate helps to reduce cholesterol levels in the human organism. Besides, it can contribute to prevent cardiovascular diseases and its antioxidant power, higher than the levels found in red wine and green tea, prevents for aging

Nutrients Unit Value per 100 grs.
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) mg 6,1
Vitamin A (a-tocopherol) ui 108
Vitamina E (a-filoquinone) mg 0,60
Vitamin K (filoquinone) mg 4,6