To be part of the Regulatory Council of the Protected Designation of Origin of the Mollar Pomegranate from Elche is a great advantage.

With your participation in it, you help to value one of the star crops of the province, you protect a native variety that is a symbol of identity of the area and you contribute to the development of campaigns of national and international promotion that will allow us to publicize the benefits of the Mollar Pomegranate from Elche.

Thus, the actions carried out will be aimed to differentiate our pomegranate in the market, disclose its quality, spread its healthy properties, to expand its presence to gastronomic level, to do market research and analyse the business opportunities presented for the sector; among other issues.

In addition, marketers can use the stamps of the Regulatory Council as guarantee that your product has the Protected Designation of Origin, and therefore is a pomegranate of great quality. So, they have to use labels for boxes of pomegranates with the logos of the Regulatory Council and the European Union and may also use tags for fruits with our image in order to differentiate production in the market.

If you are producing or have a business in the geographical area covered by the PDO, you want to certify your pomegranates of the mollar variety of Elche and be part of the Regulatory Council you can download the following documentation to know your rights, obligations and register.

Download documentation

Producers Distributors

If you need more information or want to inquire about it you can call: 633 111 228 or go to our offices in the regional office of the Department of Agriculture in Elche (OCAPA) located on the road from Elche to Dolores, Km 1. From 9:00 to 13:00 hours.